uAvionix Announces Tail Mounted ADS-B Solution

The tailBeacon provides full compliance with the ADS-B mandate with minimal installation cost.

The tailBeacon is a quick-mount ADS-B solution that will soon be available for a wide variety of light airplanes.uAvionix

Continuing the trend of developing cost effective, quick-install ADS-B solutions to meet the demand for the equipment mandated for aircraft flying in most airspace starting in 2020, uAvionix has announced the tailBeacon EXP. The unit combines ADS-B Out, WAAS GPS and a pressure altitude sensor with a white tail-mounted position light. The price for the tailBeacon is just $1,649 and the cost of installation is minimal because the unit is a straight replacement for a regular taillight, just as the company’s skyBeacon is mounted in place of a wingtip navigation light.

UAvionix claims the installation is as easy as connecting two wires and attaching the unit with two screws. TailBeacon EXP is available now for experimental and light sport aircraft (LSA). The company is also accepting pre-orders for the certified version of the unit, which is expected to achieve TSO status at the end of September.

“The tailBeacon is nearly a carbon copy of skyBeacon. As this is largely a repackaging effort we expect certification to be achieved very quickly,” said uAvionix COO, Ryan Braun. “While working on the certification for skyBeacon, we’ve been preparing the TSO package for tailBeacon as well.

Both tailBeacon and skyBeacon broadcast their signals on the 978 MHz UAT frequency, providing ADS-B compliance up to 18,000 feet.