Video Captures Aspen Challenger Crash

Security camera footage from five cameras released.

Dramatic security video from five infrared cameras at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport in Colorado captured the January 5 crash of a Challenger 601 that killed a pilot and critically injured two others.

The video, posted online by Aspen Journalism, a local non-profit media outlet, shows the airplane on its second landing attempt after aborting the first try due to strong tailwinds. Immediately after touching down, the Challenger bounces back into the air before crashing on the runway in a fireball.

The copilot was killed in the crash while two other pilots remain in critical condition. The National Transportation Safety Board noted in its preliminary accident report that the jet at some point flipped onto its back. The pilots reported a tailwind of 33 knots on the first landing attempt, while the crew of another airplane reported strong wind shear.

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