FAA, GA Industry Launch ‘Fly Safe’ Campaign

Initiative highlights loss of control dangers.

With the weather turning nice in many parts of the country, the FAA and GA industry have partnered to launch the “Fly Safe” summer safety campaign, highlighting the dangers of aircraft loss of control and encouraging general aviation pilots to install and use angle-of-attack indicators.

Loss of control, notes the FAA, is the number-one cause of GA accidents. Angle-of-attack indicators, agency experts say, can help to prevent some of these accidents by making it easier for a pilot to recognize an impending stall and take corrective action. Last year, the FAA simplified its design-approval requirements for the devices, making it easier and less expensive to install them in GA aircraft.

FAA Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker officially kicked off the Fly Safe campaign at AOPA’s fly-in over the weekend at its headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. A number of GA groups are partnering in the effort, including the Experimental Aircraft Association, Aircraft Electronics Association, GAMA, NBAA, the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators and others.

Each month on FAA.gov, a loss of control scenario will be spotlighted along with educational inks to learn more.

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