Cessna 170B Pilot and Skydiver Survive Collision

Dramatic incident caught on camera.

An incredible series of photos dramatically illustrate the progression of a collision that happened over the weekend at the South Lakeland Airport — a grass field in Mulberry, Florida, southwest of Lakeland.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the pilot, Sharon Trembley, was practicing takeoffs and landings in a Cessna taildragger when the skydiver, reported as John Frost, came in for a landing under a parachute. Just as Frost was about to touch down, the airplane’s right wing struck the parachute’s strings, pulling Frost back into the air like a ragdoll. Meanwhile, the Cessna flipped around and crashed nose first in the turf.

Bystanders helped Trembley out of the airplane. Trembley and Frost were transported to the hospital, but both appear to have suffered only minor injuries. The FAA and the NTSB are investigating the accident.

View the photos of the collision here.

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