How Do You Interpret an Eddy Dissipation Rate?

EDR is an aircraft-independent quantifier for how turbulent the atmosphere is, and it’s not a measure of the likelihood of turbulence—just the intensity.
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Say Goodbye to the Traditional AIRMET

The sunset of the textual version comes in the wake of mass acceptance of graphical AIRMETs.
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Ask FLYING: How Can I Get a Special VFR?

Here's how to legally depart Class D airspace when the weather isn't cooperating.
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When Smoke Gets In Your Skies

Pilots must look for factors that could potentially turn VFR into IFR conditions.
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Ask FLYING: What is a G-AIRMET?

An aviation meteorologist explains how a graphical AIRMET is different from a traditional one.
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Weather Check: How To Plan Your Route Around Severe Weather

Here's how to keep track of a storm's movement and its impact on airport operations with a few keystrokes.
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South Florida Airport Ravaged by Hurricane Ian. An Accounting of the Damage

At least 30 aircraft at KHWO damaged or overturned by a tornado spawned by the storm.
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Forest Fires Threaten Annual Fly-In

Smoke-generated IFR didn't keep visitors from the annual event at Hood River.
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Ask FLYING: What Kind of Precip Will Fall First?

An aviation meteorologist reveals the progression from sleet to ice pellets to snow as we look forward to the change in seasons.
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How Should I Use the Location of Troughs Information in Flight Planning?

An aviation meteorologist explains why troughs are important enough to depict on prog charts.
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