A Virtual, Wind-Battled Landing on a Mountaintop Runway

Microsoft Flight Simulator's live weather feature offers teachable moments flying into Mountain Air, North Carolina.
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Practicing the Impossible Turn

Microsoft Flight Simulator can be used to try a 700-foot turn back at engine failure as much as you want with risk only ...
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Simulated Flight in Real, Uninterrupted Time

Microsoft Flight Simulator offers the experience of navigating live weather while flying to far-flung destinations.
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Flying Through Snowy Southern California, Virtually

Microsoft Flight Simulator offers an opportunity to explore unique weather conditions—and the pucker factor—before takeoff.
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Been There, Done That

Aviation gaming simulation offers familiar views that rival the real thing.
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Flight Simulator’s Cessna 310 Offers Up Realistic Weather Lesson

Gaming simulation can demonstrate how inflight icing affects the flying ability and aerodynamics of the aircraft under variable conditions.
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Flight Sims, Real World Flying Interact Beautifully

Here's how a corporate jet pilot turned his simulator hobby into career success.
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