Bombardier Safety Standdown Draws Record Crowd

Standdown’s cornucopia of safety topics includes something for everyone.

This year’s Bombardier Safety Standdown included nearly 550 participants in Fort Worth.Bombardier

Each year for the past 24, Bombardier has sponsored its safety standdown, an event that borrows its name from the military recognizing a pause to all operations so a team can focus on safey topics unhindered by life’s daily distractions. Military aviation standdowns normally occur following an accident, or after the identification of a hazard certain to cause one.

Bombardier’s Safety Standdown focuses on civil aviation and has for more than two decades attempted to head off accidents by gathering hundreds of pilots, maintenance technicians and operational personnel to listen to speakers raising awareness on a variety of human factors and technical operational risks that, if left unchecked, could and have led to aviation accidents. The event encourages participation with questions and further discussions by all with the goal of convincing participants to raise their level of safety involvement to prevent the next business aviation accident or 2, or 10. The Bombardier event’s strategy of “Learn, Apply, Share” has remained unchanged since the first event.

This year the Safety Standdown, held in Fort Worth, Texas, drew nearly 550 people with 168 more sitting patiently on a standby list. So popular is Safety Standdown that all 550 slots were spoken for just a week after Bombardier opened registration last summer. For those unable to attend, Bombardier streams the morning sessions live and on November 13 reported people tuning in from 25 countries around the world.

Some of the topics covered this year included Automation Airmanship: Making the Most of the Human Operator in a Complex World, Promoting Safety in Your Organization, Reducing Runway Surface Risk, Ambiguous Cockpit Information: When Your Cockpit Becomes Your Enemy, Elevating Standards in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, Proactive Fatigue Risk Management, Are Maintenance Errors Preventable and more than two dozen others. Safety Standdown is currently being scheduled for next fall in Wichita, Kansas.

Additional Safety Standdown sponsors include NBAA, CAE, Baldwin Safety and Compliance, Commscope, Duke Energy, London Air Services, Norfolk Southern and ACASS. Look for an upcoming feature detailing the outcomes of the event in a future issue of Flying.