Sporty’s Launches Patty Wagstaff’s Second Acro Course

The next volume focuses on basic aerobatics.

Aerobatic flight captures the imaginations of many pilots. Though it isn’t for everyone—and it should be approached with diligence and care—the latest training course from Sporty’s features aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff as she continues her quest to lay a great foundation for pilots who wish to understand these compelling maneuvers—and learn to execute them safely and with style.

This second course in the Sporty’s training program, Basic Aerobatics, features the initial elements that make up a budding acro pilot’s repertoire: loops, rolls, and spins. “The flight instructors at Sporty’s Academy and Patty Wagstaff Aviation Safety share the same goal: to make flying safer and more fun,” said Wagstaff. “These courses do exactly that, by taking pilots beyond straight and level to see what high performance flying is all about.”

Wagstaff coaches new and experienced pilots alike through the steps of each maneuver, just as though the pilot was down in St. Augustine, Florida, where Wagstaff conducts training throughout the year. She shows off the moves in her Super Decathalon, and outlines how each maneuver should be accomplished even if the aircraft you’re flying doesn’t have inverted oil and fuel systems.

“We’ve worked hard to make it feel like you’re riding along with Patty in the airplane,” said Sporty’s Academy’s president Eric Radtke. “Beautiful HD video shows the pilot’s perspective for each maneuver and split-screen segments simultaneously show the flight controls, flight instruments, and views out each window. The course even includes bonus 360-degree videos showing Patty flying each maneuver.”

Basic Aerobatics follows Volume 1, Intro to Aerobatics ($49.99), and can be purchased for $99.99 from Sporty’s or in the Sporty’s app on iOS or Android, or AppleTV or RokuTV. The set can be had for $129.99.


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