SkyDeck Design Puts Luxury Seats on Top of Aircraft

Windspeed Technologies introduces external-viewing pod concept.

Why grab the window seat when you could just ride on top of the airplane?

Adding entertainment value to private jets and airliners, Windspeed Technologies’ new SkyDeck design concept boasts an in-flight experience like no other. Conceptual designs show a teardrop-shaped canopy positioned toward the top rear of the aircraft, which offers passengers a full view of the plane’s external environment from semi-external luxury seats.

SkyDeck can be installed in a variety of aircraft, from small executive jets to wide-bodies, and can have one or two seats, accessed by an elevator or stairs.

The canopy would be made of high-strength materials, similar to those used in supersonic fighter jets, and designed to withstand all load conditions. An anti-condensation film would also be applied to the surface to ensure clear views.

For airlines, Windspeed says its concept could be an additional source of revenue, as passengers could pay for the view.

Once orders have been placed for the new design, SkyDeck will be delivered within 18 months.


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