Video: 24 Hours of New York Air Traffic

Watch as jets stream into JFK, LGA, EWR and TEB.

You know that New York City is home to some of the busiest airspace anywhere, and here's the video that proves it. Created by Keith Smith, founder and CEO of PilotEdge, the live ATC service for flight simulators, the YouTube video depicts 24 hours of New York-area traffic condensed into 24 action-packed minutes.

The screen would be even more cluttered with traffic targets if not for the fact that just four New York-area airports — JFK, La Guardia, Newark and Teterboro —are represented. But that's plenty of traffic to hold viewers' attention as jets stream across the screen in as fine an example as you'll see of coordinated chaos.

The scene becomes even more chaotic toward the middle of the video when traffic levels peak, and on the few occasions when jetliners execute missed approaches or are pulled out of their arrival sequences.

It's definitely worth a watch. Though we apologize in advance if you had important things to do today.

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