FBO Spotlight: Johnson Aviation (KTNU)

Flying reader Ken Henze explains why this midwestern FBO is a hidden gem.

Johnson Aviation

Johnson Aviation

Johnson Aviation

In our FBO Spotlight series, we're highlighting FBOs around the country that have received rave reviews from our readers. This latest Spotlight is brought to you by Ken Henze, who recently flew into Newton Municipal Airport in a Cessna 172. Here’s what he has to say about the airport’s FBO, Johnson Aviation:

Johnson Aviation (KTNU)
Newton, Iowa

“Johnson Aviation has been providing an exceptional service for years, but recently during the Nationwide and Indy racing days they have gone above and beyond and provided a great buffet for all who fly in. Ethan and Lisa are really nice folks too. Probably one of the best kept secrets in Iowa — fly in have a great lunch or dinner, then enjoy a quality Nationwide or Indy Series race.”

For more information about this FBO, visit home.windstream.net/johnsonaviation.

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