FBO Spotlight: Eagle Creek Aviation Services (KEYE)

Flying reader Nick Fahim shares his wonderful experience with this Indiana FBO.

FBO Eagle Creek Aviation Services

FBO Eagle Creek Aviation Services

Eagle Creek Aviation Services

In our FBO Spotlight series, we're highlighting FBOs around the country that have received rave reviews from our readers. This latest Spotlight is brought to you by Nick Fahim, who has recently flown into Eagle Creek Airpark Airport in Indianapolis, Indiana, in a Piper Dakota PA28-236. Here's what he had to say about the airport's FBO, Eagle Creek Aviation Services:

"I flew into Eagle Creek Airpark Airport (KEYE) with my wife for lunch at Rick's Cafe Boatyard across the street. The FBO service was amazing. Eagle Creek Aviation put down a carpet next to the wingwalk and had iced down bottles of water waiting for us as we exited the plane. Employees and line workers were courteous and willing to go the extra mile. The facilities are spotless and lounge area was very well stocked, too. We flew there in a Cherokee, but they treated us like we had a G650."

To learn more about this FBO, visit eagle-creek.com.

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