Follow Adventure Pilot SkyChick Live

Live broadcast series starts this week at Burning Man.

Have you ever dreamt of doing some real adventure flying, going into remote, special spots that are best accessed by airplane? Now you can follow avid adventure pilot Ramona Cox, known in the aviation community as SkyChick, in a new series of live broadcasts that will launch on Friday. The live broadcasts are free and can be accessed through her YouTube channel.

The first broadcast will start on Friday, September 4, at 10 a.m. PT. SkyChick will fly her Cessna TU206 into Black Rock Desert, Nevada, where the Burning Man Festival is now underway. The Black Rock Desert is a 300,000-acre dry remnant of Lake Lahontan located about 100 miles north of Reno. The area has been used for land speed records, rocket launches, aerial gunnery and special events. During the Burning Man Festival there is an area specifically designated and maintained as a temporary runway.

For many years Cox has been flying by herself into remote areas and has become an expert in backcountry flying and camping. “As a longtime adventure pilot, I love flying into unique, hard to reach places like Black Rock,” she said. I am super excited to report live from my campsite in the Black Rock Desert with aerial photos and videos taken from my Cessna TU206.”

You can access the live broadcast here.

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