‘Flying Is…’ Video Contest: We Announce the Winner

Check out the winning video of our first ever "Flying Is" contest.

When we launched our “Flying Is…” video contest, sponsored by Garmin, we knew we’d be in for some great flying footage and some amazing aerial views. And you didn’t disappoint. Throughout the contest we’ve received incredible videos showcasing the power of aviation to take individuals to new heights, both literally and figuratively.

These videos capture how aviation opens doors to new worlds while giving new vantage points to old ones. Whether they’re taking us along for an aerobatic ride of a lifetime, showing us what it’s like for a first-timer to take the controls in the left seat, or transporting us to remote regions of the world we never imagined, all the videos have the same things in common: They celebrate the beauty and opportunity of flight and the amazing things it makes possible.

We’re proud to announce the winner of our first “Flying Is…” contest is Darin Scheer, whose video bears witness to some breathtaking flying throughout Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montana to the music of Dexter Britain’s “The Time to Run.” His video captures everything we celebrate here at Flying — the freedom of aviation, and how it connects us in new ways to the world around us.

Check it out here, and **watch the rest of our contest submissions on our “Flying Is…” channel. **We are regularly posting reader submissions so keep checking back.

Also, be on the lookout for our next “Flying Is…” contest, launching soon. We’re looking forward to seeing your newest submissions. Please keep on-screen text to a minimum and keep in mind that copyrighted music is not allowed.

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