Hawker 800XPR to Join XOJET Fleet

XOJET orders up to 12 aircraft from Hawker.
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How It Works: ADS-B

The GPS-based system determines highly accurate position and groundspeed information, and relays it to ATC and other ADS-B-equipped aircraft.
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How It Works: Bleed Air

Engine bleed air has a variety of uses on modern aircraft.
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How It Works: TKS Ice Protection System

WWII technology continues to buy crucial time for pilots facing dangerous icing conditions.
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How It Works: Terrain Awareness and Warning System

Learn how TAWS provides pilots life-saving information and warnings.
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How It Works: Attitude and Heading Reference System

Learn how solid-state AHRS deliver to pilots crucial heading and attitude information.
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How It Works: Magneto

Find out what's going on behind the fire wall to excite those spark plugs.
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Turbofan Engine: How It Works

An up-close look at the inner workings of modern turbofan engines
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How It Works: BRS Aircraft Parachute

Ballistic Recovery Systems claims more than 320 lives have been saved since its revolutionary technology was first installed in a Cessna 150 more ...
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Like New Cabin-Class Twin: A Cessna 414A Restoration

A Cessna 414A is given new life.
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