Lockheed and CSC to Offer DUATS

After 25 years, DTC will no longer offer service.

Lockheed Martin and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) have both won contract bids to provide DUATS for a year, the FAA recently announced, meaning Data Transformation Corporation (DTC) will no longer provide service as it has for the past 25 years since DUATS first became available in 1989.

The new contracts, which can be renewed each new year for up to four years under the agreement, are the result of a bidding competition between Lockheed, CSC and DTC. Like DTC, CSC has provided DUATS since its introduction, while Lockheed has provided an online-based service for the past three years. There will be a 60-day transition period for DTC users to switch to new providers.

The new contracts come in conjunction with the FAA’s effort to modernize flight services by eliminating redundancies, encouraging the development of new products and streamlining content delivery to ensure a faster and easier transfer of information to pilots.

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