Two Weeks to Taxi

Builiding a Glasair Sportsman from start to finish.

The exterior of the Sportsman is constructed of wet layup, room temperature cured fiberglass. Glasair’s employees place the cloth in large tools in which the composite is cured.
The composite walls are attached to a chromoly steel framework and firewall, all put together by Glasair’s employees.
Major components of the wings are also assembled prior to the customer arriving at the factory.
** A large board covering most of one wall in the assembly hangar contains documents where the customer must sign off each task that has been completed.**
Forty-one plastic bins are set up with tools and parts for more than 600 tasks. The build process is documented with a digital camera, and the customer leaves the factory with a photo album documenting the experience.
One Glasair worker assists the builder, one cleans up after the last task and a third sets up for the next task, allowing the customer to focus strictly on building his or her airplane. No time is wasted looking for parts or tools.
Detailed instructions are included for each task to eliminate any mistakes. At the completion of the program, the customer receives a repairman certificate that allows him or her to maintain the airplane.
Once the airplane is completed, 50 hours of flight time must be completed before the airplane can receive its final sign off. The area surrounding Arlington, Washington, is a beautiful place to be forced to fly around. For more, check out our in-depth Glasair Sportsman feature.