Gallery: Tails on Display at Oshkosh

Van’s P-51-inspired tails inspire owners to showcase their individuality.

The goddess Artemis graces the tail of this RV. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]

Van's Aircraft has been manufacturing kits for 50 years—and over the years, the pilots who build these kits have been coming up with interesting and creative ways to show their individuality when it comes to aircraft paint schemes. The Van's Aircraft is known for its distinctive P-51-inspired tail—which just so happens to make an excellent canvas for creative expression—and the airplane's crowning glory.

Flying this airplane, Wile E. Coyote might actually catch the Road Runner. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
This taildragger sports a dragon on the tail.  [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
A three-leaf clover brings any pilot luck. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Reminiscent of a Vargas Girl, this isn’t this pilot’s first rodeo. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Have a nice day! [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
The checkerboard is a popular motif. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Did we mention that checkerboard is a popular motif? [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
We think this airplane belongs to James Bond. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Mariah flies like the wind. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Here’s a military-inspired red, white, and blue livery. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Some designs are more purposeful than others. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
The skull on this tail is an homage to a B-25 named Superstitious Aloysius. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Airplanes look good with stripes. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
O Canada! [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Stars and squiggles: Always in good taste. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]

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