Gallery: Wednesday at Oshkosh

Our reporters are on the ground, taking you along with them.

EAA AirVenture continued Wednesday, once again under picture-perfect conditions at Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH). Our reporters are on the ground, taking you along with them.

A Lockheed Martin U-2 Dragon Lady reconnaissance jet wows the crowd on Wednesday at Oshkosh. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
Patty Wagstaff provided aerobatic thrills Wednesday in an Extra 300LX. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
Gregory Reister, who traveled to Oshkosh from Alberta, Canada, shows off his AirVenture windsock headgear. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
A flight crew member aboard the Perlan 2 high-altitude glider watches a flight demonstration of a Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-900neo. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
A Game Composites GB1 GameBird aerobatic airplane taxis on Runway 27 at Wittman Regional Airport during AirVenture’s daily airshow. [Photo: Thom Patterson]
Van’s new RV-15 drew quite a crowd all day. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Show attendees have an opportunity to write their anniversary messages to Van’s to mark 50 years since the company’s creation. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]
Faux machine guns sit on a replica of the World War I biplane the Fokker D.VII. [Photo: Meg Godlewski]


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