SubSonex Jet

This recreational jet for private pilots takes one step closer to reality.

Airshow pilot Bob Carlton was selected to complete the first flight in the SubSonex Jet because of his experience flying his Super Salto sailplane. Both aircraft are powered by the PBS TJ-100 turbine jet engine. Photos courtesy of Sonex Aircraft.**
The SubSonex's first flight lasted for approximately 14 minutes as Carlton tested the aircraft's low-speed handling.
Sonex, the company behind the jet, hopes the SubSonex will provide the thrill of a jet to pilots of "average means."
According to the company, the aircraft, if approved, could be flown by private pilots with no additional ratings.
The SubSonex was first rolled out at AirVenture 2009. It has since undergone a variety of design changes, including an engine change and gear change.
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