Destin Jet

Settled within the beautiful Florida Panhandle, Destin Jet is an FBO worth visiting.

Flying reader Moises Lomeli**** recently wrote in about his family's positive experience at KDTS, an airport tucked in next to the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's Panhandle. (Photos courtesy of Destin Jet)**
After arriving in a 172, he was met with friendly service by the folks at Destin Jet.
Destin Jet offers a 6,000 square-foot terminal for pilots and passengers passing through.
The young FBO opened its doors in 2009 after two years of development.
The airport itself dates back to the 1950s and is just steps away from Florida's white sandy beaches.
Just some of the support services Destin Jet has on hand include 3 GPUs, large transient hangar space and 2 Lektros and tugs all with common tow bar heads.
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