2008 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

Big and brawny as ever, the new Cessna Grand Caravan has a number of new safety and quality of life improvments.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.
Shown here is the all-new Garmin G1000 three-flat-screen avionics system with the integrated GFC 700 digital autopilot. The avionics change is one of the reasons that production numbers for the Caravan have doubled for 2008.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.
A Cessna Caravan inflight shown here with its enormous cargo pod. Only a handful of Caravans are sold without this attractive option.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.
With lots of access--an airstair door for the cabin, pilot- and copilot-side entry doors and a big freight loading door--and loads of cargo space, the Caravan, despite its upscale panel, remains at heart a Caravan.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.
The big freight loading door—and loads of cargo space, make the Caravan a great cargo hauler.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.
The underbelly cargo pod not only holds a lot, it affords easy access from the ground through these two doors.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.
Newly available on the G1000 Caravan is the TKS ice protection system. The system protects not only the wings and tail (visible here), but the struts, prop and windshield as well.Photo Courtesy Cessna Aircraft Co.