The RVs of Van’s Aircraft

Four decades down the road, RVs are more popular than ever.

Van's Aircraft RVs
**According to VanGrunsven, he wasn’t trying to spark a kit-building revolution when he modified a Stits SA-3A Playboy during the mid-1960s. With increased horsepower, a modified wing and other changes, his first airplane design emerged, the RV-1. It was not until the RV-3, however, that sales took off.
Van's Aircraft RVs
Produced between 1986 and 2001, the RV-6 features a 43-inch-wide fuselage that allows for side-by-side seating without sacrificing performance.
Van's Aircraft RVs
These RV-8s are proud members of Van’s Air Force, an enthusiasts network with air wings located throughout the world. The real Nigerian Air Force flies 60 RV-6As.
Van's Aircraft RVs
A dozen Oregon teens built this RV-12 in 16 months as part of Project Teen Flight.
Van's Aircraft RVs
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