Cessna 414A Chancellor Restoration

See a pilot’s process to create the Cessna 414 of his dreams.

After six months, Jouany was able to create the Cessna 414 of his dreams. Christophe Jouany
Technicians at Custom Avionics in Bartow, Florida, gutted the 1978 panel, making way for a state-of-the-art glass cockpit with a smart layout, which Jouany designed in Photoshop. Christophe Jouany
The entire panel restoration took about two and a half months to complete. Christophe Jouany
The new technology is aesthetically appealing, and it rivals that of many recent-vintage business aircraft. Christophe Jouany
The panel renovation’s total bill came to about $120,000. Christophe Jouany
The whole interior of Jouany’s plane was renovated — a process that took months to complete. Christophe Jouany
Suede seats and wooden cabinetry replaced fabrics and plastic inserts in a modern twist on the Cessna Chancellor’s classic look. Christophe Jouany
The exterior of the plane was stripped, pressure-washed, sanded, coated in primer and then carefully hand-painted with intricate details. Christophe Jouany
Jouany wanted a look that struck the right mixture of modern and timeless, with an emphasis on celebrating the airplane’s storied heritage. Christophe Jouany
For the paint job, Jouany relied on the team at Foster’s Aircraft Refinishing to make the 414A look as good on the outside as it did on the inside. To read more about the whole process, click here. Christophe Jouany


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