Solar Impulse Secures $20 Million to Continue Journey

Funds to resume round-the-world trip.

Solar Impulse Si2
Solar Impulse Si2 in flightSolar Impulse

Solar Impulse has finally raised enough money — $20 million — to resume its record-setting round-the-world trip, according to co-founder and pilot André Borschberg, who spoke at the United Nations climate summit in Paris.

The solar-powered aircraft has been parked in Hawaii since July, when Borschberg finished the trans-Atlantic leg of the journey. Because of a problem with overheating batteries, the Solar Impulse team had to delay the next leg of the trip.

Borschberg confirmed in Paris that test flights around Hawaii will resume in March and the Solar Impulse will travel to North America in April. Its West coast stops have been left open-ended to accommodate weather conditions, but may include Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Phoenix.

A stop in the U.S. Midwest will be next, followed by a visit to New York’s John F. Kennedy airport where the Solar Impulse will depart to either Europe or northern Africa before returning to its starting point in Abu Dhabi.