FAA Updates Knowledge Exam

New question database takes effect next week.

FAA Test Center big

FAA Test Center big

As of next week, pilots taking the FAA knowledge exams for the private pilot certificate will no longer need to suffer through questions pertaining to outdated systems and procedures. A new question database, which is scheduled to become active on February 9, excludes questions that were deemed no longer pertinent.

Questions regarding NDB, Radar Summary Charts, En Route Flight Advisory Service (EFAS), Medevac and Transcribed Weather Broadcast (TWEB) are no more. Additionally, questions involving scalability, and aircraft performance and weather questions that involve multiple interpolations across several charts have been deleted.

The question database was updated as part of the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) developed by industry groups. The ACS provides recommendations to the FAA intended to align airmen certification standards, guidance and testing.

As the FAA implements the new testing standards developed by the ACS, there will be a mix of ACS codes and Learning Statement Codes (LSC) for the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. The ACS codes will supersede the LSC codes as the FAA implements questions that align with the ACS approach.

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