Enhanced Vision for Cessna Owners

Max-Viz system gives Cessna flyers situational awareness boost.

Cessna Max-Viz

Cessna Max-Viz

Astronics Max-Viz infrared enhanced vision systems are now available for Cessna 172, 182 and 206 piston singles. Priced at just over $30,000 for a retrofit system ($22,145 as an option on a new aircraft), the system includes a wing-mounted infrared camera feeding a full- or split-screen black-and-white depiction on the Garmin G1000 multifunction display.

The camera weighs just 1.8 pounds and mounts on an existing inspection panel on the underside of the left wing. It is able to distinguish temperature differentials of as little as one-tenth of a degree Fahrenheit, allowing it to distinguish animals, trees, vehicles, terrain and other obstacles on or near the runway, enhancing situational awareness at night for takeoffs as well as landings.

The system is also capable of “seeing” through light fog and precipitation for an improved view of the runway in marginal weather, although the IR camera cannot penetrate through solid cloud.