Videos: Watch Highlights from FAI World Air Games

A glimpse at powered and glider aerobatic competitions.

The FAI World Air Games, essentially the Olympics of aerial sports conducted every four years in different parts of the world, are now in their second week in Dubai where the powered and glider aerobatic champions were crowned over the weekend.

At the top of the podium for powered aerobatics was French pilot Olivier Masurel, flanked by Artur Kielak from Poland, who came in second, and Rob Holland from the U.S. who took the bronze medal.

“When it comes to competing, we all want to come first,” Masurel said. “It’s a fantastic feeling to win when you’re competing against the best pilots in the world.”

The winner in the glider aerobatics event was Luca Bertossio from Italy followed by Ferenc Toth from Hungary and Premsyl Vavra from the Czech Republic.

Learn more about how the games work and see highlights from the aerobatic competitions in Dubai in these videos.


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