Man Sells Old Cessna 140 at Garage Sale

Owner surprised by interest in the airplane.

While helping his father set up a garage sale last month, Robbie Love of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, decided to use the opportunity to put his 1946 Cessna 140 up for grabs. He put an ad in the local newspaper to draw attention to the event, listing “tools, household items and a Cessna 140 airplane,” among the products for sale.

To his surprise, his phone began ringing off the hook with offers to buy the airplane, which he originally purchased for $5,500 in 1978, when avgas was going for $0.76 a gallon.

Love told a local news outlet that he found a buyer willing to pay $17,500 for the airplane, although the final official purchase price was not disclosed.

According to Love, making the decision to sell the airplane was difficult, but he plans to use the money to pursue other hobbies.

View the video coverage from ABCNews.com here.

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