Google Eyeing Spruce Goose Hangar for New Offices

Tech giant said to be in negotiations to lease giant space.

Google is reportedly searching for new, much larger office space in the Los Angeles area, and rumor has it that a leading choice is the old Hughes Aircraft hangar where the Spruce Goose was housed.

Google had previously resurrected another Hughes Aircraft hangar for subsidiary YouTube, creating high-end production facilities for its popular online-video creative talent to use for free.

That move has worked out so well that Google is now said to be looking to lease 300,000 square feet of space in the Spruce Goose hangar, which is 750 feet long and more than seven stories high.

After being sold by Howard Hughes’s Hughes Aircraft in the 1980s, the hangar was used as a Hollywood sound stage for blockbuster films including “Independence Day” and “Transformers.” Since then it has been partially converted to office space for high-tech firms.

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