Balloonists Attempt World Record Flight

Hundreds of hot air balloons take off together.

A beautiful display of hot air balloons of multiple shapes and colors took to the skies in Chambley, France, on Saturday in an attempt to break a world record for the most number of balloons taking off simultaneously. A total of 433 balloons took off from the Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons meet, taking place at the Chambley Planet’Air airport.

Three lines of balloons covering a distance of about 1.9 miles took off at 6:30 a.m., dotting the clear blue early morning skies in a full spectrum of colors.

Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons is the biggest air balloon festival in the world and has taken place in Chambley since 1989. The last mass hot air balloon world record was set at the biannual event in July of 2013, when 408 balloons took off. That record has been validated by the Guinness World Records.

Check out this beautiful video of the world record flight.

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