Lancair Builder Launches Modified IVP

RDD Enterprises’ LX7 conversion promises stellar performance with enhanced safety features.

Redmond, Oregon-based RDD Enterprises, a professional builder of Lancair’s experimental aircraft models, is in the process of developing a conversion for the ultrafast Lancair IVP model named LX7. The new model uses existing IVP airframes and brings them through a major modification process — new wings, a new empennage and a completely revamped cockpit.

RDD Enterprises claims the mod retains the stellar performance of the IVP while adding safety features to the design. The conversion brings the stall speed down to a benign 62 kcas and includes a BRS parachute, airbag seat belts, speed brakes, an angle of attack indicator, an autopilot with electronic stability and protection (ESP) and more. As part of the conversion, owners will also receive a five-day transition training package and the first recurrent training.

The LX7 features a Garmin G3X Touch panel with two 10.6-inch screens that include synthetic vision, WAAS capable GPS/navcom, XM weather and radio, ADS-B In and Out, active traffic, electronic charts and more. A luxurious leather interior is also included.

With full pressurization, the LX7 can bring up to four occupants as high as 25,000 feet in comfort. The true airspeed is expected to be 260 knots with the 350 hp Continental TSIO-550-E engine burning 24 gph. At 250 knots that fuel burn is reduced to 18 gph. With a 180-gallon fuel capacity, the range of the LX7 can be stretched to seven hours.

RDD Enterprises expects the first flight of the LX7 later this summer. The price for the conversion is $550,000 not including the IVP airframe. The airplane retains its previous airworthiness certificate.


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