This 2017 Diamond DA62 Is a Thoroughly Modern ‘AircraftForSale’ Top Pick

The DA62’s computer-controlled, liquid-cooled diesel engines reduce the pilot’s workload.

2017 Diamond DA62 [Courtesy: Weber Aviation]

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A lot of pilots who fly high-performance piston singles would like to step up to light twins but have doubts about handling their complexities, especially when one engine quits. Diamond Aircraft’s DA62 twin aims to remove much of the difficulty and potential anxiety from flying with one engine out. Diamond uses electronic engine controls and automation to simplify operation and ease the pilot’s workload.

Diamond’s approach results in a personal light twin that is ideal for cross-country travel with family or business associates. The security of a second engine relieves potential concerns regarding sudden power loss in one engine. The relative ease of securing the failed engine in the DA62, including automatic propeller feathering, helps minimize the disruption of asymmetric thrust that can be difficult for some less-experienced pilots to handle. In addition, the aircraft’s Austro engines are based on automotive powerplants that are likely to feel straightforward and familiar. 

This Diamond DA62 has 593 hours on the airframe and each of its 180 hp turbocharged Austro AE330 diesel engines. The panel features Garmin G1000 NXi-Phase 2 avionics.

Pilots who are interested in moving up to a light twin but wish to avoid some of the complexities of managing two engines—or one in the case of an engine failure—should consider this 2017 Diamond DA62, which is available for $1.5 million on AircraftForSale.

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