JetNet Acquires ADS-B Exchange

The company said the acquisition will enable it to expand its flight data product offerings.

JetNet, one of the leading providers of business aviation data, has acquired ADS-B Exchange, one of the world’s largest networks of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders and providers of real-time and historical flight data.

ADS-B Exchange, which was founded in 2016, aggregates approximately 750,000 messages per second worldwide via receivers hosted by aviation enthusiasts around the world. It has been described as ‘virtual plane-spotting,’ which involves capturing and noting aircraft movements around the world.

“ADS-B Exchange was founded as the go-to resource for aviation and flight-data enthusiasts,” said Dan Streufert, president and founder of ADS-B Exchange.

JetNet concurred, noting that acquiring ADS-B Exchange will enable the company to expand its flight data solutions with real-time information. 

The real-time data gathered by both companies is often used by aerospace and defense contractors, airport operators, repair facilities, researchers, and financial services that use aviation as a tool.

“We’ve long admired ADS-B Exchange and know how strategic the company’s real-time data offerings are to the aviation industry,”  JetNet CEO Derek Swaim said in a statement. “Dan has done an incredible job building a fast-growing business that customers love. We believe he, and the ADS-B Exchange platform, will bring significant value to our customers.”


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