Gallery: Sun 'n Fun 2017 Lives Up to its Name

Despite some early concerns about unfavorable weather, Sun 'n Fun 2017 has delivered everything aviation enthusiasts have come to expect.

Sun n Fun 2017
Sun 'n Fun 2017 is living up to the high expectations of aviation enthusiasts, despite some concerns over unpleasant weather earlier in the week.Chris Balogh

As Sun ‘n Fun 2017 kicked off on Tuesday, it appeared to be way more fun than sun. Clouds and nearby rain storms threatened to put a damper on the annual event at Lakeland’s Linder Regional Airport. However, any concerns have been replaced by the standard Sun n’ Fun excitement, as the skies opened up and the weather is peak Florida springtime.

Wednesday's sweltering heat has finally been swapped out with a very pleasant cold front, and aviation enthusiasts have been at no shortage of good times. From the Blue Angels preparing for their weekend performances to the standard showcases of personal aircraft — not to mention the must-see residents of Warbird Country — Sun 'n Fun 2017 has delivered everything we've come to expect and more.

Here’s a taste of this week’s early action, and we’ll have plenty more to come.

Sun n Fun camp
Sun 'n Fun guests set up camp at the start of the week in anticipation of the action-packed festivities.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun tent
The sense of excitement at Sun 'n Fun is rivaled only by the sense of community among aviation enthusiasts and pilots.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun fan
Pilots and fans travel from all over the world to get a glimpse of the unique aircraft, while enjoying the thrilling demonstrations.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun cloudy
The weather had some people nervous early in the week, but the skies opened up, allowing pilots to show off their best moves.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun planes
Even a flying novice can appreciate the wide variety of aircraft on display at Lakeland's Linder Airport.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun Panchito
One definite fan favorite hails from Warbird Country, as the B-25 known as "Panchito" dazzled on the ground and in the air.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun up close
Whether in the air or on the ground, so many of the planes on display are downright gorgeous.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun Panchito
The beautiful B-25 "Panchito" was never without a group of admirers.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun fighter
The history on display at Sun 'n Fun is great for flight enthusiasts and history buffs, young and old alike.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun pilot
Despite the lack of sun early in the week, everyone was in good spirits.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun landing
Awestruck fans have increased by the day, and they've certainly received more than enough action for the price of admission.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun demonstration
Sun or not, the demonstrations have been thrilling, especially Tuesday's performance by the Patrouille de France, the French Air Force's demonstration team.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun demonstration
Everyone loves a showoff.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun demonstration
The PAF only performed on Tuesday, but they dazzled enough that people won't soon forget the experience.Chris Balogh
Sun n Fun demonstration
Fortunately, for anyone who missed out on PAF, the Blue Angels will be performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Chris Balogh