Flight Chops: Flying Over Water in a Carbon Cub FX

A look inside the Finer Points of Flying Adventure Training at the San Juan Islands.

If there’s one thing to take away from the latest episode of Flight Chops, it’s that Steve Thorne really enjoyed flying the Carbon Cub FX. It’s hard to miss him raving about the experience, and he also has nothing but praise for Backcountry Aviation‘s Patrick Romano, who took Chops on this week’s adventure as part of the Finer Points of Flying Adventure Training.

It’s the second time that Chops has taken part in such an adventure, as he previously participated in the Sierra Nevada mountains excursion, and now he has added the San Juan Islands adventure to his incredible list of accomplishments. If this video gives you the itch to join next year’s adventure, you can make reservations now.

As always, be sure to visit the Flight Chops website to register for the latest giveaway, which includes a free subscription to Flying.


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