FAA Suspends TSO Certification Over Concerns with NavWorx’s ADS600-B Units

NavWorx may not mark or indicate that its ADS600-B units meet FAA standards until the suspension is lifted.

The FAA issued an emergency order Tuesday suspending the authorization that NavWorx Inc. uses to manufacture ADS-B units. According to a statement from the FAA, the suspension was issued after the vendor declined on repeated occasions to allow the FAA to conduct required inspections.

The FAA says it is concerned that the GPS chip in two of NavWorx’s ADS600-B units (part numbers 200-0012 and 200-0013) do not meet the minimum performance standards for transmitting the aircraft’s accurate location. During the suspension, NavWorx may not mark or indicate that its ADS600-B units meet FAA standards.

The suspended technical standard order authorization (TSOA) enables suppliers to produce aircraft components in accordance with FAA standards. Federal regulations grant the FAA authority to inspect suppliers’ quality systems, facilities, technical data and products to ensure they meet safety standards. These regulations also permit the FAA to witness any tests that determine a product’s compliance. The FAA says it has been denied access to inspect NavWorx three times since June.

“Due to the company’s unwillingness to comply with these requirements, the FAA has determined that NavWorx’s continued use of its FAA authorization is contrary to the interests of safety in air commerce,” the FAA said in a statement.

The FAA says the suspension will remain in effect until NavWorx complies with inspections and demonstrates compliance with FAA standards.


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