CubCrafters Offers Garmin ADS-B Solutions

Two solutions incorporate with the Carbon Cub Executive Glass Touch panel.

CubCrafters Garmin G3X
CubCrafters will begin incorporating Garmin ADS-B transponders, featuring the G3X Touch screen, as an option in the Carbon Cub.CubCrafters

CubCrafters announced this week that it can now incorporate two of Garmin’s ADS-B transponders into its Cub-style taildragger Carbon Cubs. Carbon Cub owners, of both the production LSA and experimental kit versions, who select the Executive Glass Touch option featuring the Garmin G3X Touch screen, can choose either the Garmin GTX 335R or GTX 345R transponder.

Both transponders are remotely incorporated with and controlled through the G3X, saving valuable panel space. The systems provide ADS-B Out compliance, operating on 1090 MHz with a Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) and incorporating WAAS/GPS capability. The GTX 335R will come standard with Carbon Cubs delivering with the Executive Glass Touch option while the GTX 345R will be available as an option. Unlike the 335R, the 345R offers the valuable ADS-B In capability, allowing the G3X screen to display traffic and subscription-free weather.

“As we approach the mandated 2020 ADS-B deadline, most Carbon Cub buyers are already choosing optional add-on instruments that satisfy the NextGen requirements, such as Garmin’s GPS 20A,” said CubCrafters president Randy Lervold. “These new Garmin transponders deliver an elegant, integrated ADS-B solution that functions seamlessly on our Executive Glass Touch panel.”