Aircraft Spruce Launches New Catalog

The ever expanding product list contains thousands of aviation products.

Aircraft Spruce Catalog

Aircraft Spruce Catalog

The 2012 version of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.’s catalog is out. And with 920 pages covering more than 80,000 aviation related products, including a few hundred new ones, the catalog is beginning to look more and more like a phone book.

Aircraft Spruce started out as a supplier for experimental aircraft builders and the company has not turned its back on its roots. There are all kinds of wood, composite, fabric and metal construction materials available as well as engine components and tools, just to name a few.

The product offering in the catalog also includes such things as books and videos on various aviation subjects, charts, headsets, portable GPS units and other pilot supplies.

You can pick up your copy of the catalog at one of Aircraft Spruce's AirVenture booths in Hangar A or Hangar D. If you'd rather not carry the catalog around, you can get it on a CD or download it in PDF format from the company's website