Aspen Avionics Acquires GPS Maker Accord

Avionics supplier expands to Phoenix, Arizona.

Aspen Avionics expanded its geographic footprint by completing the purchase of two companies: Phoenix-based Accord Technology, LLC and AvValues, LLC. Accord Technology, a maker of GPS products, was a joint venture of AvValues and Accord Software and Systems from Bangalore, India.

President and CEO of Aspen Avionics John Uczekaj, who will continue to lead the expanded company, told Flying the acquisition allows Aspen to become more vertically integrated and more competitive in the general aviation and unmanned aerial vehicle markets.

Since it entered the market more than 10 years ago, Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Aspen Avionics has delivered more than 9,000 cockpit systems, including its Evolution Flight Display System and Connected Panel products.

Under the Aspen Avionics banner, Accord Technology will continue to produce its NextNav GPS solutions for manned and unmanned aircraft. The systems meet NextGen and other performance-based navigation requirements, including Wide Area Augmentation Systems (WAAS) and Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS). Products already on the market will continue to be supported by Aspen.

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