First Production-Ready Icon A5 Impresses

California maker says production for the Icon A5 to start next year.

Icon A5 AirVenture 2014

Icon A5 AirVenture 2014

Icon A5 at AirVenture 2014Stephen Pope

Icon Aircraft brought the first production-conforming Icon A5 to Oshkosh, and it's a stunner.

Icon founder Kirk Hawkins unveiled the red and white LSA, dubbed ESN-1 for engineering serial number 1, at the show on Sunday night. The slick two-seater was built at Icon's headquarters in California over the past five months and flew for the first time on July 7.

Icon A5 production is scheduled to start next year at the company's new factory in Vacaville, California.

First impressions of ESN-1 are that it looks even better than the mockups and prototypes Icon has brought to airshows in the past. Noteworthy features that made it into the production version include handholds integrated into the wingtips, LED landing and taxi lights and a production interior designed with input from Lotus Engineering USA that has a refined, modern and sporty look.

The production-ready A5 is on display at Icon's AirVenture booth.

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