FAA Certifies Nextant G90XT

Remanufactured turboprop receives certification.

Nextant Aerospace has received FAA certification for the G90XT, a remanufactured Beechcraft twin turboprop with GE H75 engines, an avionics suite based on Garmin’s G1000 and new paint and interior.

The new model’s GE engine offers a noteworthy performance benefit by delivering improved high-altitude performance and about a 10 percent improvement in specific fuel consumption. The G90XT also incorporates a series of safety features designed to significantly enhance single-pilot operations, including digitally controlled single-lever power.

“Just two years ago, we announced the launch of the G90XT program,” said Jay Heublein, executive vice president for Nextant. “Our goal was to deliver an entry level, twin-engine turboprop that offered the best combination of overall value, performance, and cabin comfort in the category. We specifically focused on creating the safest single-pilot operating platform in the industry, and the G90XT has exceeded our expectations.”

The G90XT sells for $2.2 million if the customer provides an airframe for modification, or $2.7 million if Nextant supplies the airframe.

Nextant, a division of Directional Aviation Capital, also sells the 400XTi business twinjet, based on a remanufactured Beechjet 400.


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