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  • lancair mako
    The new owners of Lancair International strike at the Cirrus market with a feature-filled, speedy composite kitplane.

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  • Cirrus G6

    G6 models for 2017 bring added capabilities to the SR22T, SR22 and SR20 centered on the new Perspective+ by Garmin avionics system.

    Cirrus' newest generation of SR-series pistons, the G6, has a long list of added features, including an upgraded Perspective+ avionics system.
  • Lancair Evolution

    Sleek, four-seat composite Evo comes with 350 hp Lycoming iE2.

    The Lancair Evolution Piston features a composite airframe and a Lycoming Engines iE2. Check out these photos of the airplane's exterior and interior.
  • Lancair Evolution

    This high-performance experimental model allows for a path to upgrade.

    Lycoming's piston-powered Evolution shares the same composite airframe but offers a lower-cost alternative to its turbine-powered counterpart.


  • Blackhawk Beechcraft King Air 350

    Blackhawk Modifications upgrade program will boost speed, climb and range in the twin turboprop.

    Blackhawk Modifications announced progress toward a supplemental type certificate for its Beechcraft King Air 350 engine upgrade.
  • Piper's new design shines in air-to-air photos over South Florida at sunrise.

    Take a look at the new features of the Piper M600, including a clean-sheet wing design, upgraded interior and Garmin touchscreen avionics.
  • Piper M600

    A clean-sheet wing, more power, touchscreen avionics and stylish interior enhancements lift Piper’s latest incarnation of the classic PA-46 to new heights.

    Piper's new M600 turboprop improves on the Meridian with additional power, range and payload along with upgraded Garmin touchscreen avionics.
  • Daher TBM 930

    The addition of Garmin G3000 touch-screen avionics and interior improvements make this new turboprop another Daher masterpiece.

    The Daher TBM 930 adds Garmin G3000 avionics and an upgraded interior to make the brand-new single-engine turboprop the best TBM yet.


  • Gulfstream G600

    Second test airplane flies as certification remains on schedule for next year.

    Gulfstream has logged a flight of its second G600 test airplane. The jet remains scheduled to be certified by the FAA next year.
  • Bombardier C Series

    Interest-free loans will fund C Series and Global 7000 jet programs.

    Bombardier will receive about $282 million from Canada to fund its C Series and Global 7000 jet programs.
  • Gulfstream G500

    Take a peek inside the business jet's technologically advanced cockpit and luxurious cabin.

    See photos of the Gulfstream G500 and take a look inside at the new business jet's technologically advanced cockpit and luxurious cabin.

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  • Archer

    Stuck between ownership and airplane rentals? Here are some ways to get more flexible flying for your money.

    There are many alternatives to airplane ownership that make a lot more sense than full ownership.
  • One Aviation Eclipse 550

    Light jet offers big performance for an economical price.

    One Aviation's twin-engine Eclipse 550 offers an economical option for owners and pilots who want to move up to a solid light jet.
  • American Legend Cub

    Here's a broad sampling of some of the light-sport aircraft industry's bestsellers.

    With LSAs making a resurgence in the general aviation market, we've compiled a broad sampling of some of the popular light-sport models buyers can choose from.

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