Insurance Carrier Offers Discounts for APS Training

Upset recovery training as safety enhancer.

In an effort to encourage its policyholders to become safer pilots, the United States Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG) is offering discounts to pilots who complete courses through USAIG’s Performance Vector program as a safety initiative for turbine operators. This week USAIG added upset recovery training courses through Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) to the program.

Two APS courses are now included in the Performance Vector program. The APS-USAIG 2-day/3-flight Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Course includes eight hours of classroom instruction and three flights in an Extra 300L. The course is conducted at APS’s facilities in Phoenix and Dallas.

The second option is the UPS-USAIG Business Jet Upset Training Mobile Application, which includes information on how to mitigate loss of control in-flight. The curriculum in the app is based on the latest version of the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid (AURTA), first published by the FAA in 1998. The APS module is now part of the Performance Vector five-course e-learning package.

“APS is a proven leader in UPRT, working to illuminate the threat and define best practice defenses against loss of control in-flight with trade and regulatory groups across the globe,” said David McKay, USAIG’s president and CEO. “I am delighted that we now offer world class APS training, which powerfully advances pilots manual handling skills and embeds lifesaving techniques to recognize and recover from airplane upsets, to our policyholders.”

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