Disney’s “Planes: Fire & Rescue” Sim by Redbird

Sim maker recreates Dusty for Disney Film.

Flight simulator manufacturer Redbird has created a simulator in support of Disney’s movie Planes: Fire & Rescue that allows would-be firefighting pilots the chance to try their hand at putting out wildfires in the extreme wilderness.

The sim will make appearances at a number of air shows, including AirVenture Oshkosh. The flight experience, which is challenging but requires no pilot experience, puts the pilot in the air of water tanker “Dusty” heading toward a fire near “Piston Peak” National Park.

The sim gives the pilot audio and visual cues on how to get the job done, including having a chance to top off with water at a nearby alpine lake. It’s great fun and gives users the chance to truly get into the character and see flying from the pilot’s point of view. “Dusty” will be at the following events: American Heroes Air Show: Los Angeles – June 21; National Cherry Festival: Traverse City, Michigan – July 5-6; Planes: Fire & Rescue Premiere: Hollywood – July 15; AirVenture: Oshkosh, Wisconsin – July 28-August 3.

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