The Pros and Cons of a Flying Career

If you’re considering a job as a pilot, make sure you watch this video before you take the gig.

Like most jobs, there are great things about being an airline pilot and, well, other things.

Watch as Sam Weigel takes us on two very different airline layovers, plus a local flight to a grass airstrip, to demonstrate what he considers to be the primary advantages and disadvantages of a career as a professional pilot. 

He also shares strategies for maximizing the good and mitigating the not-so-great factors of the field, making this a valuable episode for anyone considering a career in aviation.

Sam Weigel has been an airplane nut since an early age, and when he's not flying the Boeing 737 for work, he enjoys going low and slow in vintage taildraggers. He and his wife live west of Seattle, where they are building an aviation homestead on a private 2,400-foot grass airstrip.

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