Thales Launches Helicopter Training Center in Norway

Helicopter training center opens its doors with new Level D Reality H simulator.

Thales Launches Helicopter Training Center in Norway
Thales Norway Training Center has a Reality H helicopter simulator based on the Airbus H225. The sim has achieved Level D EASA qualification.Thales

Thales has achieved approval from the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) for its Level D Reality H Full Flight helicopter simulator and has opened the doors to a helicopter training center in Norway. The Reality H simulator in Stavanger is based on the Airbus Helicopters H225, formerly the Eurocopter EC225, which is commonly used in the north Atlantic sea by oil and gas operators.

Realistic flight simulation is achieved through the simulator’s Hexaline all-electric six-axis motion system and ThalesView visual system. The Reality H simulator also features an integrated search and rescue (SAR) system.

The Norway Training Center, is located in Stavanger, Norway and will be used by Thales’ launch customers Blueway Offshore Norway AS and Dancopter in Denmark.

“The training center will train pilots in some of the most challenging conditions in the world and we want the training here to become a gold standard for any operator[s] wishing to have their pilots ready for any mission in the harshest and most challenging environments imaginable,” said Jean Jacques Guittard, Thales vice president and general manager of training and simulation activities.

Thales opened its first helicopter training center in France in 2014 with a full motion Level B Airbus AS350 AStar simulator. The next Thales helicopter training center will be launched in Austria.