Pilot OK after Cirrus SR22 Chute Deployment

Engine trouble reported over West Virginia.

Cirrus SR22 Crash Upshur

Cirrus SR22 Crash Upshur

** Photo by Katie Kuba/The Inter-Mountain**

The pilot of a Cirrus SR22 who experienced an apparent engine failure in flight over Upshur County, West Virginia, on Saturday was uninjured after deploying the airplane's emergency parachute.

According to local news reports, the Cirrus struck a truck being driven on a road as the airplane came to rest near a car dealership. The driver of the vehicle was startled but uninjured.

The pilot and aircraft owner, identified as James Meadows of Hendersonville, Tennessee, told TV station WVNS he was enroute to Pennsylvania when he heard a bang and the engine quit.

The Cirrus was one of a flight of two airplanes, the other a Grumman single, that was preparing to land at Upshur County Regional Airport to refuel.

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