Passenger Killed When Bullets Strike Airliner

Gunmen open fire on A310 in Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A310

Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A310

** Pakistan International Airlines**

A passenger was killed and the captain nearly struck by a bullet on Tuesday night as gunmen opened fire on an airliner landing at the main airport in Peshawar, Pakistan.

According to news reports, a female passenger sitting next to her daughter died in the attack and two flight attendants were injured when at least 10 bullets struck the Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A310 with nearly 200 aboard as it approached the airport after flying from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The reports said one of the bullets passed through the cockpit near the left seat where the captain was seated.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack, although the Pakistani Taliban has vowed reprisal attacks after a government crackdown began recently.

Earlier this month, terrorists fought their way into the country's largest civilian airport in Karachi, blowing up two hangars and killing 22 security and airport staff.

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