Backcountry Midair Collision Kills Toddler

Collision at Johnson Creek Airport turns deadly.

Serenity turned to tragedy on Friday morning at the scenic and popular Johnson Creek Airport (3U2) near Yellow Pine, Idaho, located in the backcountry about 26 miles northeast of McCall (KMYF), as two small airplanes collided, killing a two-year-old boy and injuring three others. The airplanes were reportedly approaching the strip simultaneously, resulting in one airplane hitting the other on the final approach path.

Johnson Creek is located in a canyon, which doesn’t provide a lot of space for maneuvering and makes the approach into the landing site challenging. At the time of the accident, a large number of airplanes were reportedly visiting the strip, which offers picturesque campsites alongside the well-maintained 3,400-foot grass runway.

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